If you were expecting a stuffy, professional portfolio introduction, I’m sorry to disappoint you.

On March 2014, I finally, FINALLY graduated with my BS in Communications. I will giggle profusely when I finally receive that piece of paper in the mail: Carolyn A. Medrano, B.S.

Per the standards of modern self-marketing, this site is my obligatory online portfolio to showcase the variety of work I’ve done both professionally (I define “professionally” as I got paid to do it) and academically (which I define as “I paid to do it).

Peruse at will, adventurer. I have collected my favorite writing and design samples, just for you. It’s like I have ESPN or something.

Personal Blogs

This website is also the parent blog of my two personal WordPress blogs:

  • The Lazy Writer’s Chapter Ones
    My unofficial creative writing portfolio as I nurse my dreams to, one day, become a published novelist. Of course, you kind of have to finish a manuscript… which I haven’t done enough… hence the nom de plume. But hey, it’s the internet. Anything is possible. People get noticed for having a disgruntled looking cat or by singing about life’s important mysteries (What does a fox say?)
  • Sarcastic Son Says…
    My son, Auden, is a sweet, loving, brutally honest, blunt boy. He draws well, creates amazing things with blocks and paper, memorizes everything he learns on PBS, and he’s an adorable genetic mutt. Therefore, God saw fit to make the boy have ADHD and dyslexia. He has also been famous with my friends on Facebook for saying things that make even the stoic laugh. This blog is a copy-and-paste of every quote I’ve posted for him in the past six years, created by popular demand.



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